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Hertfordshire International College Law Students Delve into Justice Issues in Oxford Trip

20 Mar 2024

Law students from Hertfordshire International College embarked on an enriching journey to Oxford, where they engaged in thought-provoking discussions and debates on crime and justice issues with esteemed speakers from various facets of the legal system.

The trip provided an invaluable opportunity for students to interact with professionals who offered unique perspectives on crime, justice, and the media. Among the distinguished speakers were Anna Motz, a forensic psychologist specialising in working with high-risk offenders; Matt Johnson, an ex-police officer who shed light on the impact of social media on spreading information about miscarriages of justice; and Donna Freed, who shared her personal journey of discovering her real parents’ criminal backgrounds and discussed the portrayal of criminals in the media.

During the trip, students had the privilege of participating in a debate and engaging in conversations that delved into stereotypes of women offenders, the role of social media in highlighting miscarriages of justice, and the portrayal of criminals in popular media. These discussions provided students with a deeper understanding of the complexities within the justice system and the challenges faced by individuals affected by crime.

Carolyn Pegg, Law Tutor at Hertfordshire International College, expressed her pride in the students’ active participation and engagement during the trip. She remarked, “The HIC Law Students made an excellent impression during our trip to Oxford to hear a lecture and join in a debate on crime. The Speakers and chair thanked them for coming and were so pleased to see that the students, who are the potential change makers of tomorrow, engaging with their work and placing what has been learned in the classroom into real-life scenarios.”

Carolyn highlighted the significance of experiential learning in shaping students’ understanding of legal concepts and their application in contemporary contexts. “Studying is much more than being in the classroom, and this trip provided HIC law students with the opportunity to use their knowledge and place it in a contemporary environment and be part of the debate regarding potential solutions,” she added.

The trip to Oxford not only enriched students’ academic experiences but also empowered them to critically analyse and contribute to discussions surrounding crime and justice. It underscored the importance of bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, preparing students to become informed and proactive agents of change in the legal field.

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