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Our Teachers

Meet the Academic team who will be guiding you on your learning journey at HIC.


Photo of Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris
Photo of Paul Herbert
Paul Herbert
Photo of Helen Rintoul
Helen Rintoul


Photo of Altaf Farroukh
Altaf Farroukh
Photo of Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris
Photo of Catherine Cox
Catherine Cox
Photo of Douglas Williams
Douglas Williams
Photo of Gill Marshall
Gill Marshall
Photo of Helen Mackinlay
Helen Mackinlay
Photo of Dr. Grace He
Dr. Grace He
Photo of Raazia Sethi
Raazia Sethi
Photo of Ron Wells
Ron Wells
Photo of Sandra Gray
Sandra Gray
Photo of Seun Adeogoke
Seun Adeogoke
Photo of Vida Keshvartz
Vida Keshvartz
Photo of Wilson Hylton
Wilson Hylton


Photo of Carolyn Pegg
Carolyn Pegg

Creative Arts

Photo of Joseph Londsale
Joseph Londsale
Photo of Leonardo Scazzocchio
Leonardo Scazzocchio
Photo of Lindsay Bloxham
Lindsay Bloxham
Photo of Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson
Photo of Nina Federley
Nina Federley

Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

Photo of Dr. Atta Ur-Rahman
Dr. Atta Ur-Rahman
Photo of Dr. Colin DeFreitas
Dr. Colin DeFreitas
Photo of Dr. Deepak Panday
Dr. Deepak Panday

Healthcare / Life Sciences

Photo of Dr. Mark D’Arcy
Dr. Mark D’Arcy
Photo of Mirela Martin
Mirela Martin
Photo of Jane Clapham
Jane Clapham
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