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Airport Pickup

To book your airport pick-up, please complete the form below.

You will not have to pay the taxi at the time of travel, you will be invoiced by HIC at a later date.

HIC require 48 hours’ notice to book an airport pick up for a student.

All fields marked with are required.

Personal and agent details

This should be the number for the phone you will be carrying on the day


I will notify HIC immediately if I change my arrival details, or no longer required airport receptions. Failure to inform HIC of a cancellation or change in arrival details will incur a penalty fee of the price of the pickup. Notice must be given at least 48 hours' prior to departure. If the flight is delayed or there are excess waiting periods in the immigration queues/security check there may be a waiting charge applied to the airport pick up fee depending on the duration of the waiting time.

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